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  • Username for login.
  • Access code (randomly generated using letters and digits).
  • Error messages on unsuccessful login tries.
  • Auto session expiry with no activity on account during logged in.
  • Security question for recovering password.
  • Send money to unregistered members: members can now send money to unregistered members. If the member is not present in the system, an email will be sent to him, inviting him to open an account and as soon as the account is confirmed, the money is transferred into his account.
  • Multiple account emails. Members can now choose the amount of emails the member can associate his account with.
  • SSL supported.


  • Account overview.
  • Display general info, last transaction and 20 most recent transactions.
  • Edit account profile.
  • Edit account password.
  • Add/Edit/Delete credit cards.
  • Add/Edit/Delete bank accounts.
  • Close PPS account.



  • Sell products: PPS members can enter the product name, description, price, tax, shipping, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each product they are selling.
  • Ability to edit/delete products.
  • Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the product buttons.


  • View current subscriptions the members subscribed to.
  • Sell subscription services: PPS members can enter the subscription name, description, recurring charge, duration, trial period, setup fee, tax, shipping cost, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each subscription.
  • Ability to edit/delete subscriptions.
  • Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the subscription buttons.


  • Setup new donations: PPS members can enter the donation amount, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each donation.
  • The system will display the number of donations made for each donation.
  • Ability to edit/delete donation.
  • Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the donation buttons.

    Shopping Carts

  • Generate HTML/Encrypted code for shopping cart button. The shopping cart will display the list of products created by the member.

    Simple Payments

  • Display the HTML code for payments.
  • Information on IPN integration like Paypal!


  • Deposit funds
  • Withdraw funds
  • Send payment to another PPS member
  • Perform mass Payment
  • Request Payment


  • Add a new escrow transactions
  • View current escrow transactions


  • View affiliate program details and commission rates
  • View affiliate program downline
  • View affiliate link and HTML banner codes


  • View shop listings grouped by categories
  • Ability to search for shop listings by keywords